11-22-2023 Managing WP Changes

Happy Hump Day. Just rolling in with some MWP updates 🙂


Thanks to Nick Chomey, I’ve made some styling changes to the managingwp.io website. I’m open to any feedback; I’ve only been able to provide a small amount of time to improve the look and feel, which is not ideal.


I’ve put up the deals I’ve been sent from the various vendors I utilize and trust; right now, it’s RackNerd and 1Password. If you know of any other Black Friday deals, I can post them. I don’t need an affiliate commission. The priority is deals for people in this group, and to spotlight awesome companies.


There are a ton of draft articles and placeholder articles that will either be moved into the wiki at https://wiki.managingwp.io, fleshed out, or deleted.

I originally started to dump my brain on the site, but it’s not working well. I’m going to make this all better from a user experience standpoint. Including categories 🙂


The forums had an issue with emails, aka a typo on my part so emails weren’t being sent out. That’s now fixed.

I hope the forums will be a place for everyone to post for help/support on several topics. Ideally, make it a great Google search resource.


I’m still trying to figure out a method to put up a place where people can suggest content that should be created, and hopefully, I can focus on the top items for you all. I just need to figure out a simple and easy-to-use platform. I was looking at roadmap software 🙂