Dealing with GridPane Backups (duplicacy) and Fossil Files

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Content Error or Suggest an EditNotice a grammatical error or technical inaccuracy? Let us know; we will give you credit! Introduction GridPane’s backup system is based on duplicacy, and this article talks about how it functions and how to manage backups from the terminal. This stems from the following live blog GridPane Duplicacy leaving 38GB of Fossils Behind Investigating Duplicacy Backup…

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jonathan alstead 7 months ago

Are the .fsl files safe to delete after running?

duplicacy prune -exhaustive -exclusive -d

Can you explain in more detail what to look for when you run the echo … command. I see this:

Total Chunks size of backup chunks: 236M /opt/gridpane/backups/duplications/chunks

Total .fsl files: 22
Total .fsl file size: 16M total <— Can these be safely deleted?

Total normal chunk files: 135
Total normal chunk file size: 220M total

Jordan Mod jonathan alstead7 months ago

Hello Jonathan, I updated the article, so give it another read.

There is a safe deletion portion of the two-step fossil collection that ensures that if you’re running regular backups and snapshots are successful that no fossils are referenced in these backups.

For fossils collected in the fossil collection step to be eligible for safe deletion in the fossil deletion step, at least one new snapshot from each snapshot id must be created between two runs of the prune command.

So overall you should be fine. But definitely digest the updates in this article and let me know if you need more clarification as I can get pretty technical at times when trying not to be.