WordPress Control Panels

Cloud/SaaS CP

Name Cost Support Management URL
Cloud Pages) Paid WordPress, PHP, Nodejs, Python Static. GUI/CLI www.cloudpages.cloud
GridPane Free/Paid PHP, WordPress, Static GUI/CLI gridpane.com
Cloud Panzer) Paid WordPress, PHP, Nodejs, Python Static. GUI/CLI cloudpanzer.com
Enhance Paid CLI enhance.com
Ploi Paid CLI ploi.io
Server Pilot Paid serverpilot.io
SpinupWP Paid CLI spinupwp.com
Runcloud Paid GUI/CLI runcloud.io
Cloudways Paid WordPress, PHP, Static GUI cloudways.com
Forge Paid forge.laravel.com
FlyWP Paid WordPress GUI https://flywp.com
Cleavr Paid WordPress, PHP and others. GUI https://cleavr.io

Self Hosting

Name Tags Support Management URL
WP Cloud Deploy Paid wpclouddeploy.com
Cyberpanel Free cyberpanel.net
CloudPanel Free www.cloudpanel.io
Sailed.io Free sailed.io
WordOps Free wordops.net
Webionly Free webinoly.com
Slickstack Free slickstack.io
HestiaCP Free www.hestiacp.com
cPanel Paid cpanel.net
myVesta Free www.myvestacp.com
VestaCP FreePaid vestacp.com
Cockpit Free cockpit-project.org
EasyEngine Free easyengine.io



  • From the developers of CyberPanel